It’s always really fun drawing these two


(estimated) heights of the Star Avalanche gang

[blank chart from swiftgold]

Realizing how much Mickey sticks out because of her monstrous height


Dumping all my old Star Avalanche sketches that I never finished, and probably will never finish. 

sketches of mainly Regi and Mickey sitting in the rain


warm up sketch of Regi dancing around like a goober. 

was listening to this song and I guess the video made me think “DANCING.”

sweatshirt design courtesy of my best friend

30 Day Challenge

Day four- An animal you think is really cute


Also for some reason my internet is so shit I can’t look at the 30 day challenge to see which days are what but I’m sure day 4 is fave animal or something. Either way have a cute, intricately drawn penguin


i gave up.

summer n shit watching helplessly as ur food get devoured by someone else 

30 Day Challenge

Day Three- One, some, or all of your friends

don’t even get me started on this little potato


I have no idea.

Alternative Star Avalanche cover?

A print?

Possible redraw of this?

30 Day Challenge

Day Two- Someone you like (celebrity, significant other, or crush)

attempted to draw queen Janelle Monae

can’t draw perfection I just can’t

Redrew the first thing I drew when I got my tablet. 

Had to change the pose because the first one is just impossible lol. 

3 years and I still don’t know how to draw a bus. 


Charlyn pretty much will wear anything galaxy print, no matter how obnoxious it is.

was playing around with new brushes but the outcome is hurting my eyes now

30 Day Challenge

Day One- Yourself 

also i have no idea what my skin color is anymore


doodle of the monster as seen in Star Avalanche: chapter one.

she’s supposed to be a spider but ended up being this weird crab-spider hybrid.

she has a name but I’d like for my readers to figure it out as the comic continues heh


what exactly have i been doing the past two weeks

absolutely nothing



well i

well i found this gem again.