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Page 43 is up! with very minimal backgrounds

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Ghost Junkie Sickness by Spacenotes

Star Avalanche by McSnickerdoodle

Blood Bank by pTerra9

Moon Shift by Lilak-rain

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Hey look, it’s Monday’s update!
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Smack Jeeves | Ink Blazers


Hey look, it’s Monday’s update!

Read page 41 on:

Smack Jeeves | Ink Blazers

So I’m gonna move all of my life comics to a new blog due to better organization.
Might turn it into a daily comic thing or somethin’ I unno.
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SA updated with page 40 today!

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Don’t get me started on how important this movie is. I won’t stop.

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Towards the end of the day he [Andrew] was signing The Amazing Spider-Man DVDs for the children, when he picked up Rylees and wrote, ‘I hope one day we get to hug.’ The little girl surprised everyone when they told her the actor was leaving. She was prompted to give him a high-five before he left but instead followed it up by running into his arms and giving him the hug he was hoping for.  - Andrew Garfield in Sydney (March 21, 2014)

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reblog if you are gay or an army of 10,000 skeletons



i am the latter

i regret this post because every fuckijg straight person who reblogs it feels the need to add a comment like this to avoid anyone thinking even for a second that theyre gay



stop romanticizing the idea of becoming so dependent on another human being that you cannot function adequately without their presence goodbye







In The Not So Distant Future, Glow-In-The-Dark Trees Could Replace Street Lights

Is that… is that even healthy?

There are sea organisms and fungi which glow in the dark and there’s fireflies and jellyfish which glow in the dark. It doesn’t do them any harm nor does it do the people around them any harm. I would say its pretty healthy, as well as it would mean more photosynthesis happening in cities which mean cleaner air.

I was just curious about how they were doing it and for some reason I didn’t think to click the link. But thanks! It makes more sense now. I was afraid it was some kind of chemical thing.

nah just genetic modification using existing bioluminescent genes. Genetics is really cool, and so is bioluminescence. I mean they’ve already made pigs glow using jellyfish genes and pigs are waaay more complicated than trees iirc. So they’re actually (i think) less likely to muck it up with trees.

In which case







(I like glowy things)



I wanted to make I post I could link too whenever someone asks me this~

Seriously. Even if I was hella in shape, really healthy, no one would be asking for health or work out tips from me if I was fat. Stop assuming because someone looks like what society deems as ‘healthy’ or ‘fit’ that they are, it’s a lie, they are try to sell you things and make you hate and judge strangers. Stop buying into it. 

Something to add, 

even medical professionals cannot judge people by their looks, which is why mri machines, and x-ray machines, are a fucking thing, but lazy doctors and lazy people will resort to ‘You just need to lose some weight,’ as any advice to any aliment a fat person may have, which is bullshit since being fat isn’t always the deciding factor in health. 

and to be frank, more people are gonna get this message cause it was said by a thin person, if a fat person wrote this it would just be reblogged with fat jokes, claiming op is making excuses, and faux concerns about health and claims of ‘glorifying obesity,’ And all those people who disagree with the message, ask yourself why. You are basically a successful, obnoxiously complacent product of a massive brain washing, being perfectly groomed in hating others who don’t look like what you’ve been told is proper and human and you have been taught that pretend empathy and backhanded concern is better then a real genuine understanding. 

Which I suggest you fix.

Thinness does not equal health or beauty, and the belief that it does has cost a lot of fucking lives. 


Page 39 is up!

also here’s a close-up of the cloud porn on this page

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